WP2 - Susceptibility, Age & Gender Aspects

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´┐╝Work package 2 aims at investigating the amounts of flavanols (a group of phytonutrients) consumed in the European Union.
  • Creation of food database and expansion of existing databases to assess flavanol intake
Key findings
  • The main food sources of flavanols among the EU population are tea, pome fruit (apples, pears, etc.), berries and small fruit, cocoa products, and stone fruit
  • There are no significant differences in the absorption of overall flavanols between young and elderly men, but there are significant differences in the types of resulting metabolites found in the body due to differences in metabolism
  • Dietary cocoa flavanols improved cardiovascular function in healthy young and elderly subjects
You can learn more details about the scientific results of WP2 by looking at the slideshow below.
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